How to use the dCAPS Finder 2.0 program:

  1. Type or paste the two haplotypes, with no gaps in the sequence, into the boxes provided. The two sequences must be identical except for the SNP. The SNP should be in the middle of the sequence with approximately 25 nucleotides on each side. No more than 60 nucleotides should be entered in either box. A,C, G and T are the only valid characters that will be accepted by the program.

  2. In the box provided, enter the number of mismatches allowed in your PCR primer and run the program. The output from zero mismatches will show whether a CAPS marker is present. If a CAPS marker is not generated, enter 1 mismatch to search for a dCAPS marker. Increase the number of mismatches in each run until a potential dCAPS marker has been identified. The dCAPS primer should include the necessary mismatches 5` of the mutation and not include the SNP being analyzed.

  3. The reverse primer should be approximately 200 to 300 nucleotides 3` of the dCAPS primer such that the two haplotypes can be resolved, after digestion with the appropriate restriction endonuclease, on a high-resolution agarose or DNA-agar gel.